Three Day

Want to eat healthier but don't know where to start? Feeling tired and foggy from junk food? Try our 3-day juice cleanse! This 3-day detoxification will bring rest and repair to your gut, while also helping aid in weight loss and a controlled appetite! Juice cleansing can also result in rehydration of the body and restore energy taken from us by conventional foods. It is also very beneficial for the mind as well, bringing restoration to the brain cells. You deserve a reboot, order a cleanse today!

3 Days     I     15 Juices     I     $110

One Day

Some weeks are harder than others. Our one day juice cleanse is a perfect reboot for your system for when life makes it hard to eat healthy. This cleanse consists of six cold pressed juices from our grab and go fridge, making it quick and convenient.

1 Day      I      6 Juices     I      $42

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Tips and tricks for a successful cleanse:

Drink lots of water (16oz between every juice preferably).

If you enjoy exercising, keep it light.

Do the best you can to avoid any solid foods.

Try not to drink coffee or caffeinated tea.

Continue eating light (but veggie heavy) for two to three days after the cleanse, no dairy or meat right away. This will bring stress to the organs and tax your digestion. 

For complete instructions click here.

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What We Use

The produce we use for our juices, smoothies, and shots are important to us.

We want you to know exactly what you're putting into your body and what it does. All of our juices and smoothies are completely plant based.


Super food, Full of nutrients, Low calories, Important for skin, hair, bone health, Provides protein, iron, vitamins and minerals, Keeps the brain young, Anti-inflammatory, Protects against eye disease, Prevents DNA damage and mutation in colon cells



Rich in Vitamin C, Low in calories, Contains Bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting, & anti-cancer properties, Fights arthritis



Great for overall wellness, Rich in antioxidants, Contains potassium, Rich in Vitamin B



Powerful medicinal properties, Eases nausea, Reduces muscle pain & soreness, Fights inflammation, Lowers blood sugar, Lowers risk of heart disease, Improves brain function & protects against Alzheimer’s Disease



Fights against ulcers, Lowers blood pressure, Helps with nasal congestion, Helps relieve headaches



Regulates the body's alkaline balance, Helps fight against heat strokes, Improves eye health, Lowers cholesterol 



Improves vision, Cancer fighting properties, Keeps skin healthy, Helps prevent infection, Protects teeth and gums, Cleanses body, Prevents heart disease



Rich in antioxidants, Fights inflammation, Helps manage stress & ease anxiety, Helps maintain healthy weight. Supports the heart, Protects the brain



Great post work out recovery, Rich in antioxidants, Restores electrolytes, Fights heart issues, Contains dietary fiber



Blood purifier, Antiseptic, High potassium content, Fights against heart issues



Fights against anti-inflammatory, Fights fatigue, Rich in antioxidants


Very versatile and nutritious, Rich in antioxidants, Contains Sulforaphane & Indole-3-Carbinol, which fight against prostate and colon cancer, Rich in Vitamins A & K, Rich in iron, which the body requires for cellular oxidation and red blood cell formation, Protects against cardiovascular diseases



Provides energy, Rich in antioxidants, High in dietary fiber, Decreases chance of colon cancer, Low in cholesterol, Reduction of liver and digestive tract issues



Rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Rich source of glycine betaine, which helps prevent blood clots and heart disease,  Rich source of Vitamin A & B



Helps prevent cancer, Prevents kidney disease, Lowers cholesterol, Regulates high blood pressure, Relieves constipation, Rich in Vitamin C, Fights against viral infections



Lowers risk of diabetes, Fights against cancer, Rich in antioxidants, Fights inflammation, Lowers risk of heart disease



Rich in potassium, Contains dietary fiber, Reduces cholesterol, Contains cancer fighting properties, Regulates the body’s alkaline balance



Contains dietary fiber, Great for overall well-being, Rich in antioxidants, Contains Vitamin C



Rich in antioxidants, May improve sleep activity, Helps ease anxiety, Lowers blood sugar



Regulates bowel movements, Helps regulate heart beat, Contains potassium, Moderates blood sugar



Fights inflammation, Rich in Vitamin C, Promotes healthy skin, eyes, nails, & hair